Sign of the Times

cig 1

Well, that’s interesting! The apparently harmless alternative has reached the same level of banishment as cigarettes in record time! Whats more interesting is that its an icon I wouldn’t have understood just a decade or so ago. It made me think of how certain icons have a lifespan and how this was almost like witnessing the birth of one.

Cellphone signage has gone a similar way too.  Even in the pre-smartphone era cellphones were climbing up the list of social no no’s and someone had to think of how to best represent those ‘bricks’.



Nowadays it seems the silhouette of an iPhone will do for the universal image for a phone.  I think it’s not only interesting to see the evolution, but also to note which icon trumps all others to become the most widely used image.

So perhaps the e- cigarette has a way to go as well.  New designs or a brand leader might create the ‘go to’ symbol someday.  In the meantime, I couldn’t help myself from taking a quick 2 minute crack at alternative variations.

cig 2