January 31, 2015

I see Pringles as a Christmas treat. It’s strange, I know. ┬áBut every Christmas my in-laws have them out and I get stuck in. And just like Christmas, they’re gone before you know it and the 364 day wait begins anew. Tonight I made an impulse buy for those tasty stacked crisps. I began to…

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When I did Today

January 24, 2015

What an honour to have been asked to sign write the back of my friend’s boat. Ben Jackson created this version of a 1908 Dark Harbor, an American yacht, from scratch, working on it diligently ever night after a day of, well, building boats. It’s his work and his love. He’s such a talented craftsman…

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Sign of the Times

January 23, 2015

Well, that’s interesting! The apparently harmless alternative has reached the same level of banishment as cigarettes in record time! Whats more interesting is that its an icon I wouldn’t have understood just a decade or so ago. It made me think of how certain icons have a lifespan and how this was almost like witnessing…

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Wait, what?

January 14, 2015

The other day a youtube advert made it past my trigger finger which eagerly hovers over SKIP. I got sucked in and watched these two guys tell their epic story from start to finish. They created a box that holds a drumstick that can be told through wifi to move. Place the swaying stick near…

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