Redesign our world by inventing a country.
Determine its geographic location and form
as well as creating its biographical background.
Design a flag and a map of the invented country.

In addition, create a unique element of the country.

The Dark Coast Brewery produces the national stout
and offers a guide book to their brewery.
(As per the requirements of the brief, four images were
sourced from the web with all other images being self–generated)



The island of Muira has always made use of its most abundant resource; the sea.
The capital city, Fionur, has been a busy trading port from as early as the 15th century,
primarily exchanging whale blubber for silk and spices.  It was not until the 18th century
that Muira’s dependence on whaling led to over fishing and a crippling decline.

As a result, Muira would transition into the tourism industry.  Provincial companies such as
the Dark Coast Brewery, located in the Teague inlet, have expanded by catering to tourists.
In doing so it has become one of the national gems of Muira. The whale population has since increased
but proves a more valuable resource as an attraction rather than as a source of trade or fuel.