Why Not?

Head to London for some carpet off cuts? Why Not?!


We’re talking Comedy Carpet off cuts here, not samples of short pile patterned loop plush all weather wear…although that has it’s merits. These bits of letters are graphic design history and I had to get a chunk.


Gordon Young’s project with Why Not Associates is a massive typographical salute to comedians, located in Blackpool.  To really appreciate the size and complexity of this project, check out http://www.comedycarpet.com.

This is truly impressive stuff! We’re talking 160,000 letters of all sizes and fonts CNC routed out of Granite from India set perfectly into 30mm thick concrete.  The website says it all, but it wasn’t until I held some in my hand did I start to think about how much work went into this.

IMG_0014  IMG_0013  11297712_1008881722463029_1428741404_n
I was fascinated by chipped serifs and slightly imperfect letters. They were little hints at the design process; of the stumbling blocks they had to overcome to reach the final image.  It’s not often you get to see inside sketchbooks, or crates on pallets in this case.

I guess you could say each of these characters had character! Humbly displayed on a plywood bench, those that didn’t make the carpet were now in the spotlight.  A mini statement that it’s important to see an idea you believe in through to completion.  Granite wasn’t compromised for another material, and the 5 year endeavour is now a remarkable piece to stroll upon.

And then of course, it’s hard to pick just one.



Ok, so I settled for a smaller memento.  A little pizza box of letters from Jealous Gallery East in hand, I walked away a happy customer. My wallet thanked me for not saying Why Not to half the collection as did my shoulder as the next stop would be a fair walk away…the Design Museum for the 2015 Designs of the Year.  A pint somewhere in between? Why yes, indeed!